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Complete 10 MegaWatt Power Plant (two sets) Re:22775

Reference #:



Fuji Electric


Extracting Condensing Type

Steam turbine output:


Steam turbine speed:

3,600 RPM

AC Generator output:

12,500 KVA

AC Generator voltage:

6,600 volts

AC Generator current:

1,094 amps

AC Generator speed:

3,600 RPM

AC Generator rating:


Boiler rating:

50 tons/hour

Boiler efficiency:


Boiler pressure:

70 kg / cm2g

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Two sets are available to be sold as a package.

Each is equipped with a Steam Turbine, an AC Generator, and a Boiler.

There are two (2) boilers, one for each system. The boilers are Water Wall Tube type.

These systems have the capability of running on oil or gas according to what is available in your area. The burners are "MultiFuel".

Total weight for the two plants is approximately 4,000 tons.

Turbines are "Full Condensate" type.

There is no cooling tower as these were cooled by the use of sea water.

Operator's control panel, dust collector, waste oil treatment & cooling water systems are only one for the two plants.

Running on 60Hz electrics.

The Plants were shut down in late 2006 but can be re-operated at any time.






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