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5-1/4" McKay Mannesmann Meer
17 + 2 Stand Stretch Reduction Mill Re:23890

Reference #:



McKay Mannesmann Meer


Max outside shell diameter:


Max total reduction:

4.721” to 0.840”

Max dia reduction per stand:


Material used:

Carbon Steel

Rolling temp (approx):

1750° – 1850° F

Deformation resistance (approx):

18,500 psi


Siemens PLC Installed 2005

Mechanical overhaul:


New Induction Heater:



Under power for inspection

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McKay/Mannessmann Meer Tube/Pipe Stretch Reduction Facility Re:23890

Continuous Operation: Shell Gage (Maximum):
For 0.840” to 2.375” OD 0.236”
For 2.875” to 3.500” OD 0.276”
For 4.000” to 4.500” OD 0.337”

Non-Continuous Operation:
For 0.840” to 2.375” OD 0.197”
For 2.875” to 3.500” OD 0.236”
For 4.000” to 4.500” OD 0.296”

Production Capacity:
Maximum 63 tons/hr @ 4.721” shell OD, maximum exit speed 1500 fpm

With exception of L.W. – Pipe, where the speed limitation with 265 fpm entry, 1500 fpm exit speed and smaller shell OD applies.

Line Components are as follows::
· Temperature sensor
· Stretch reducing mill
· Intermediate conveyor
· Measuring wheels
· Flying saw
· Runout conveyor
· Separator conveyor
· High speed kick-out and delivery conveyor
· Walking beam
· #1 Cooling bed
· Batch loading index device
· Batch conveyor
· Batch loading index device
· #2 Cooling bed
· Splitting saw manipulator
· Cooling bed exit conveyor
· Splitting saws
· Batch conveyor and two-way kick-in
· Straightener inlet table
· Rotary straightener
· Straightener outlet skids and cradles
· Electrical controls
· Hydraulic systems
· Central bulk grease distribution system
· McKay roll lathe
· End beveller
· Threading machine
· Stand changer and stand cars
· Roll stands
· Mill housing ‘C’ frame
· Mill gearing
· Hydraulic drive system for SRM
· Hydraulic drive speed adjust and speed control drive system pulse generator
· Hydraulic drive feeder system
· Electrical main drive
· Stand cooling system
· Oil lube system
· Grease lube system
· Stand clamp and stand changer hydraulic system

- The mill is a 17+2 staWide character in print at D:\inetpub\wwwroot\trueforge\website\cgi-bin\admin.pl line 3359.
nd stretch reducer with overlap hydraulic drives which were changed from AC motors to adjust stand speed.

The AC motors have a revolution of +/- 750 min-1 while the hydraulic motors have a revolution range of +/- 1350 min-1;

- Theoretical output for the mill was around 60 tons/hour with the hydraulic motors. The mill was originally in combination with a CW continuous weld mill. In the owners premises as it is used in combination with an ERW mill the owner is limited with their ERW mills capacity and their inductive heating power;

- Actual inductive heating capacity is 3.75MW and it can only reach ¼ of the theoretical mill output. The owner is planning to double the actual inductive heating power in the future; but even then the heating capacity will reach ½ of the SRM mill’s output;

- Due to the above capacity usage expectation the hydraulic drives were replaced with 750 rpm electric motors with no additional gearing to keep their modification budget low;

1. Number of induction heaters: 3 parallel connected. Each heater has 25 spiral windings

2. Frequency of induction heaters: 1 KHz

3. Standard mother pipe is with weld seam deburred and dry






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