Quick Info When considering an Auction or Liquidation:

Auction:       Pro's - Quick way to sell off a package of machines.


     Con's Don't always get the best price for machines.

Liquidation: Pro's Good chance of getting a higher price.


Con's Could take longer to accomplish the goal

Auction or Liquidation? There are many things to consider when deciding which way to go. One of the most important things is choosing a company that can provide the particular expertise that is best suited your industry in order to insure the best possible result!

With TrueForge Global, you're in the right place from the start if one of your industries is Forging, Fastener, Bar, Wire, Tube/Pipe, or Mill Equipment (Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Mill Equipment).

The result in dealing with TrueForge Global for your auction or your liquidation is that you will get the most for your dollar in the quickest possible time.

When contemplating liquidating your surplus Machinery and Equipment, please consider that TrueForge Global Machinery Corp. is highly specialized in the Forging, Fastener, Bar, Wire, Tube/Pipe, and Mill Equipment (Ferrous or Non-Ferrous) industries. As such, we are in a position to conduct a Liquidation of any amount of your surplus Machinery and Equipment; anywhere in the world.

If you decide to give TrueForge Global the opportunity to conduct a Liquidation of your surplus Machinery and Equipment, we will provide the following services at no cost:

  1. We will travel to your location (anywhere in the world), and take a precise inventory of all the Machinery and Equipment that you wish to sell. Detailed information will be gathered along with clear photographs to be used in the marketing phase of the Liquidation.
  2. We will advertise your Machinery and Equipment in prominent worldwide publications that are specific to your industry.
  3. We will list your Machinery and Equipment in our brochures, faxes and emails which are targeted to specific worldwide customers known to use the same type of machines.
  4. We will dedicate a portion of our Web Site to the promotion of your specific Machinery and Equipment with photos and specifications making it easier for buyers to browse through the listings and to view the specific machines in which they are interested.
  5. All of the above services will be provided "Free of Charge". TrueForge will obtain our commission in the sale of the specific machines without charging a commission to you.
  6. We at TrueForge will do everything in our power to properly market and sell your Machinery and Equipment as fast as is possible turning your idle Machinery and Equipment into valuable cash for use in other areas of your manufacturing programs.
  7. All discussions will be held in strict confidence and no information will be released to anyone unless and until an agreement is confirmed in writing between TrueForge Global Machinery Corp. and your organization

If a Liquidation is not appropriate to your current situation then you may wish to consider having an Auction to turn your surplus Machinery and Equipment into cash.

TrueForge Global Machinery Corp. works with several of the best Auction companies in the business. As such, we are in a position to help you to secure the best possible "All Around" deal.

If time is of the essence, we can conduct an auction in as little as forty five (45) days from the signing of a contract, according to the size of the deal.

There are many things to consider and an outright sale of the Machinery and Equipment is not always the best way to insure the maximum financial result from conducting an Auction. We will work closely with you making sure that you understand all the available options when considering the Auction route.

We at TrueForge clearly understand the importance of confidential information. Therefore, any discussion regarding the possibility of an auction sale will be handled in the same professional manner that we conduct all aspects of the business, straightforward and strictly confidential.

Contact Ron Jaggie or Tom Russell for discussions.
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